Replacement Convertible Tops – Three Main Benefits.

No one likes to have to replace their convertible top. It involves a cost in dollars. Even sometimes, there is an emotional cost when you see your car top damaged or stained with no possible recovery. However, there is a silver lining.

Replacement Convertible Top Silver Lining

It seems odd to suggest that having to pay for a replacement top can also have a good side. But replacement convertible tops bring with them a number of benefits. As you will see below, often the benefits outweigh the cost of the new convertible top.

Benefits Of Replacement Convertible Tops

A new anything often brings benefits but the benefits arising from a new convertible top can be significant.

    1. One of the major benefits is the increased comfort after the installation. What do we mean? Over time your convertible top suffers from wear and tear. A convertible top is intended to be opened in good weather and closed when it is cold or raining. The act of opening and closing the top results in wear and tear. This, in turn, results in a looser fitting top, more noise on the road or highway or even entry of dust and moisture into the car. Replacement convertible tops will give you back a factory-fresh appearance and also all the benefits of “as new” performance.
    2. Replacement convertible tops, whether installed because of damage or leakage, put you in control of the total redesign of your convertible top. In fact, it’s like you’re at the dealership again. But this time, instead of one or two choices you are offered a wide range of choices. You can select from a wide array of patterns, from numerous cloth textures and from a whole palette of colors. There are thousands of possible unique combinations arising from mixing and matching these three elements. Since you can select any combination you have the possibility of designing a totally unique convertible top. You may be the only convertible owner in the USA with this combination.
    3. The hidden benefit of replacing your convertible top is the increase in value it adds to your car. When you think about it, if you can invest in your car and increase its resale value above what you invested, then that is a win-win situation.
      In addition, the increase in pleasure you get from your newly designed car is an added bonus.

replacement convertible topReplacement convertible tops can pay you back in multiple ways, whether the payback comes in dollars or in satisfaction. Also, when you consider what you paid for your car, the cost of a new and unique top is remarkably inexpensive. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being a number, whether that is a SSN or a number in someone’s account book. There is little I can do about those but I want to take any opportunity I can to stand out from the sea of sameness that is our world today. Creating my own, unique convertible top is one small step in that direction. Why not have a look at what is available, even if it just to daydream for a while.