FAQ for Replacement Convertible Tops.

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Our replacement tops can match or exceed the quality offered by the auto manufacturer. The reason is because we use the same fabric manufacturer that supplies the auto industry.
We say we can provide a better quality because auto makers don’t use the same quality of materials on mid-priced cars as they do on top of the line cars. However, if you have a mid-range car, for example, and you want top quality we can provide a Mercedes Benz grade top for your car. You may not want it but the important thing is you have a choice.
In business there are products at many price ranges to suit all budgets. The products all perform the same function. But the more expensive ones in the range offer extra features and choices. The same goes for convertible top fabrics. All fabrics will do the job. All of the fabrics we offer carry guarantees of quality from the manufacturer and also from us. Any fabric we offer will do the job and, with normal care, will last as long as your car. The top-end fabrics may have a different texture or offer more patterns but we will never use a second-class product.
A pattern is a visible design woven into the fabric. Selecting a pattern can give a unique appearance to your top. We show a range of patterned fabrics on our website and you can view them here.
Texture is the way a surface, material, or substance feels when we touch it. When you run your hand over the fabric you choose for your top it may feel very smooth or bumpy or ribbed. Each “finish” is intended to achieve a certain effect when the roof top is installed.
There are numerous colors to choose from. In addition, each person has his or her own concept of how a certain color will look. Rather than state color names. We have included color charts on our website to give you a better visualization of what our colors are. You can click here to visit the page.
Since Designs by Lawrence is located in Philadelphia in most cases we are not local to you. For this reason we have set up a national network of factory trained installers. Regardless where you live, you are likely to find one in your local area. If you use one of our recommended installers you can be sure your installation will be done to your satisfaction and to our high standards.
Assuming you live in the USA your order can be delivered next day to your address or to an installer near you. Generally the installation itself can be completed in one day. However, we have no control over the work backlogs of installers and, if your selected installer is very busy, it could take a longer elapsed time.
You just have to call us or email us. You provide us with complete information about the make, model and year of your car and we can tell you what you need for a complete installation and when we can get your kit to you.
Designs by Lawrence is a US-based manufacturer of all the parts involved in your Simulated Convertible Top kit so we take end-to-end responsibility for the completeness and quality of the product you buy. As new car models arrive we design kits to fit those, so you always have access to this restyling feature regardless what make or model you buy.
You don’t have to but here are a few reasons why we think it is in your best interest to trust your restyling to us. You can buy a kit on online, probably made in China or somewhere else offshore. You may save a few dollars but if something goes wrong, who do you contact?
On the other hand, if you buy from us we are here in the USA, a bricks and mortar company that has been supplying the auto aftermarket for almost 40 years.
In addition, you are adding a restyling treatment to your car which costs a small fraction of the cost of your car. You have to ask yourself if it is it worth it to save $50 or $100 and take the chance that you might ruin the look of your car?
Yes, we make new molds and coverings for each new car as it arrives on the market.
Yes, we stock many tops for older models. If a top is not in stock we can make one in as little as a day.
There is no single price for a top since your car may have features different from the base model. For example you may want a special fabric. Please call us for full details.
We currently deliver to any address in the United States and Canada, including APOs, FPOs and PO Boxes. Next day service is available to any of these destinations.
We currently do not accept checks. Please e-mail us at sales@simulatedconvertibletops.com if you have another questions regarding payment method.
No. We do not allow COD orders.
At the moment the online store facility is under renovation. However, when we ship your order we will send you an email with the shipper’s tracking number. Then you can track the shipment through the shipper’s web site
Designs by Lawrence is currently open on weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 8:30am to 5pm EST. We are currently closed on weekends. Any questions or comments can be sent via the contact us portal on our website or simply directed by email to sales@simulatedconvertibletops.com.